Healing Steps Labyrinth

Healing Steps Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit that has created a handicap accessible labyrinth at 7906 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville Alabama. The Labyrinth is a joint venture between the two adjacent churches: St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and The United Church of Huntsville. The purpose of the labyrinth is to provide a path for spiritual healing for all but especially for those who have physical handicaps/disabilities/impediments.

The labyrinth itself is a 7 circuit Chartres style with a 6 petal rosette in the center. The labyrinth was built by Labyrinths in Stone of Illinois using specialized pavers. The location of the labyrinth and the design of the walkways were architected to assure handicap accessibility. Check out the Healing Steps website here: www.healingstepsinc.org

The labyrinth is open to ALL. The labyrinth is open and FREE to individuals at any time. If a particular group would like to get a docent to help give a specialized walk the group only need contact Healing Steps at healingstepsinc@gmail.com.
Friends of the Labyrinth who wish to contribute to its upkeep may click the donate button below or make tax deductible donations to:
Healing Steps
7906 Whitesburg Drive
Huntsville, AL  35802
or via Paypal to healingstepsinc@gmail.com
Healing Steps is an IRS registered Non-Profit 501c3. EIN 46-4346202.